Tuesday, October 6, 2009

morning messages

if fate favors you one day
and you are asked
what you want to be

don't wish
to be someone else

becoz I tell you,

you are wonderful enough,
just the way you are.


Always say

"I'm happy
becoz God is with me.

Where I am,
there He is...

What I do,
He can see...

How I feel,
He knows...

with God, everything is wonderful..."


The best way
to walk each day
is not by walking with new shoes

but by walking with Jesus.

Walk not only by feet
but with Faith.

is the sweetest form of love.
When someone says
takes care,

it really means
that you will stay
in their heart
till its last beat...

so take care always...g'am.


If you feel stressed, give yourself a break.
Eat some cake, ice cream,
candies and chocolates...


coz stressed spelled backwards



You can choose where to sit
but you can never choose the person
who will sit on the vacant seat besyd you.

dats what happens in a bus...

same thing when you fall in love.


Great Friendship
is about two main things:

is to find out the similarities.


is to respect the differences.


Positive thoughts:

Forget about all the reasons
why it may not work.

You only need to find one good reason
why it will.


If yesterday didn't end up
the way you planned it,

always remember,

"if God wanted your yesterday
to be perfect,
He doesn't to create today."


Life is hard
but God is good.
Life is unpredictable
but God is steadfast.
Life is unfair,
but God is just.

Life is a challenge,
but God is our confidence.

never give meaning
to a little act of sweetness
for it might give you
a wrong impression
and expectation.


Laughter is the brush
that sweeps away
the cobwebs of the heart.
So wear a smile wherever you are.

Have a nice day!


Life is not a marathon
nor a sprint...

so don't rush things...
coz anything worth having
is worth waiting for...


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Before you find fault
be sure that you are dealing
with facts and not figments
of the imagination.

In other words,
bad manuya...
but if tu-od, okay lang.

Do you know
what makes "first times"

it's the only history
in ones life that never
repeats itself

some times,
you have to run away

not just to create distance
but to see who cares enough
to run behind
and pull you back


The Earth weighs 6.6 septillion tons.

Don't make it heavier by
carrying a heavy heart...

Stay light.
laugh often.
Love much.

boy: pag tau na, sabay
nating haharapin ang mga problema...

girl: wala naman akong problema eh...

boy: kasi nga hindi pa tau...
wag kang excited!...

have you ever realized
that when some people say
"you've changed..."

its just because you stopped
living you life...
their way...

A man experienced being robbed by thieves
in his diary he wrote,
"Let me be thankful first because
they took my purse and not my life;
second, although they took my all, it was not much
especially my faith; and third, because
it was I who was robbed and not I who robbed."

God has a purpose behind every trial
and the good things behind the worst

Never say,

"this is the best time of my life"

as Homer Simpson said, "This is the best time of life...so far!"
Better things are yet to come.

Dey say that expecting
is one way of hurting yourself.


What if you have
been given reasons to expect?

Expecting doesn't hurt you,
assuming does.

God always plan the best for us
sometimes we feel being left out
but actually God is saving the better
one than what we asked for

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